READ MORE Developing oral
taxane therapies
with fewer severe
side effects to
improve cancer
patients’ lives
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READ MORE Creating
better options
for prostate
cancer patients
with oral
READ MORE Transforming
taxanes: tablets
to be taken at
home, no IV
infusions, fewer
severe toxicities
READ MORE Aiming to give
cancer patients a
better quality of
life. Fewer side
effects, & therapy
taken at home.

About Modra

“Modra” stands for “Modulated Oral Drug Absorption” and for our commitment to transforming taxane therapy …


Modra’s proprietary boosted taxane approach improves the delivery, bioavailability and tolerability of taxanes.


Intravenous (IV) docetaxel and paclitaxel are the most commonly used taxane therapeutics worldwide, prescribed to treat a wide variety of solid tumors. With our pipeline of clinical-stage proprietary boosted oral taxanes, we aim to replace them.

Transforming Taxane Therapy

Taxane therapies are well-established, widely used, and effective anti-cancer treatments, representing an important component of the standard of care for many different cancers. However, as treatments, taxanes continue to have serious limitations both in terms of how they are administered (which necessitates regular unpleasant visits to the hospital) and the wide range of often serious toxicities they cause. Overcoming these limitations could have an enormously positive impact on the lives of the hundreds of thousands of cancer patients who are prescribed taxanes every year.


Modra is dedicated to addressing these challenges, and to applying its proprietary approach to improve taxane treatments for these patients. The company’s lead program, ModraDoc006/r, is being developed to transform the experience of docetaxel therapy. For the large patient populations that would benefit, this novel oral therapy would be effective in fighting tumors, could be taken at home, and would offer a substantially better safety and tolerability profile.