Our technology – the IV to Oral switch

Modra is improving the delivery and bioavailability of chemotherapy drugs currently available only in intravenous (IV) form by enabling an orally-available formulation using our Modulated Oral Drug Absorption Technology. Our technology overcomes the challenges of poor water solubility and fast metabolism of taxane-based chemotherapeutics by combining a proprietary and novel formulation with the boosting agent ritonavir.


Benefits of our technology

Oral formulations of commonly used chemotherapy benefit patients by reducing side effects associated with IV-administration due to toxic excipients.


IV-administration of chemotherapeutics requires at least daycare hospitalization, professional staff and specialized facilities for administration, impacting not only the quality of life for patients in treatment but also driving up the costs.


As cancer regimens increasingly include a number of drugs in combination, providing a reliable oral formulation of chemotherapeutics can provide important flexibility for clinicians.


Our oral formulation has the great potential to be safer, patient-friendly, and a cheaper alternative to IV-administered anti-cancer drugs.


We have secured broad global patent coverage for all parts of our technology until 2028.


Modra Pharmaceuticals Presents Preliminary Data from Phase IIb Trial of ModraDoc006/r in Metastatic Prostate Cancer at 2021 ASCO GU Annual Meeting
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Modra's Novel Approach

Boosted Oral Taxanes    
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