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Practical Solutions

Intravenous administration also requires daycare hospitalization, which is cumbersome for the patient and is a major cost-driver for these treatments. In many large countries, like China, Brazil and Russia, access to these treatments is problematic as patients have to travel long distances for treatment. Additionally, there are only very few specialized cancer centers, so patients have problems with access and waiting times.


Our Pipeline

Docetaxel and paclitaxel are commonly used and chemotherapeutics. Each drug is indicated for different tumor types. Both drugs are currently administered intravenously, resulting in a high initial blood concentration which is associated with substantial toxicity, often exacerbated by the required excipients and pre-medications.


Modra Pharmaceuticals’s lead product ModraDoc006/r is an oral formulation of docetaxel (ModraDoc006) administered in combination with the booster agent ritonavir (r). 
In addition to ModraDoc006/r, Modra has several new products in preclinical and clinical development, including formulations of paclitaxel, capecitabine and thiosulfate.



Modra Pharmaceuticals Presents Preliminary Data from Phase IIb Trial of ModraDoc006/r in Metastatic Prostate Cancer at 2021 ASCO GU Annual Meeting
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Modra's Novel Approach

Boosted Oral Taxanes    
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